Welcome to Doorsun Consulting Limited

Doorsun Consulting Ltd is a consultancy firm focusing on strategy, finance, operations and technology. We help our clients improve performance, comply with complex regulations and reduce costs—delivering measurable, sustainable results.




To provide clients with superior personalized tax, accounting and consulting services implementing practical solutions for our clients’ diverse needs.


To make valued contributions to our clients businesses by providing services that exemplify the highest standards of quality, performance, and service.


Work Ethic
Employees -most valuable asset
Service to our clients
Expert business partner

About Us

Doorsun Consulting Limited provides our clients with the services they want, not what we think they need. We listen to them. We have been in operation since 2006. We know their goals and help them achieve them. Many of our clients have been with us since the beginning and we have grown together to achieve success.

Our internal structure, with a high ratio of partners to staff, enables clients to benefit from quick partner response, with fully briefed back-up partners and consultants always available.