• Advisory services

    Treasury Management

    • The responsibility of a treasury department is the management and control of future cash flows in accordance with an organization’s treasury policy guidelines, and the management of the risks related to those cash flows. The attention to treasury management has increased rapidly. This is triggered by the increasing complexity of the financial markets, and the fact that an increasing number of Corporates realize that cash flow management is one of their organization’s crucial processes.
    • Doorsun Consulting Limited provides expertise in all areas of treasury, from drawing up the treasury policy, to designing and setting up the department and all transaction accounting. The treasury's strategic policy, as well as its responsibilities and scope, should be set out in a treasury statute, or policy document. Doorsun Consulting Limited provides experienced advice in formulating such documents.
    • We also provide support on practical, day-to-day matters. For example, Doorsun Consulting Limited is experienced in implementing treasury management systems. Using our extensive knowledge of financial products and related legislation, we can help develop and extend the accounting processes.

    Risk Management

    • Risk management consists of identifying, measuring and managing financial risks within an organization. In recent years banks have paid a lot of attention to improving their risk management function. Other financial and non-financial organizations, however, are increasingly acknowledging the need to improve their risk management as well. Despite the fact that the structure and operations of organizations can differ substantially, the concept of risk management typically can be applied in a similar fashion.
    • However, different types of organizations are exposed to varying risks. For banks and other financial institutions the management of financial risks such as market and credit risk is part of the core activities. For corporates and public sector organizations, financial risks are more likely to result from their operations and capital structure. Operational and non-financial risks are inherent in business, irrespective of the type of organization.
    • The main objective of risk management is not to eliminate or to minimize the risks themselves. Instead, sound risk management helps to identify and understand the risk profile in order to align the business with the accepted level of risk. Doorsun Consulting Limited can support in the development and implementation of the risk quantification and the corresponding risk governance. Also, Doorsun Consulting Limited can assist your organization with selecting and implementing risk management systems.
    • It is possible to distinguish between risks that need to be mitigated as much as possible and risks that are consciously taken by the organization. Operational risk is an example of the former category, whereas business risk is an example of the latter. Market, liquidity, and credit risk are more difficult to classify. Typically, an organization needs to take a certain amount of these risk in their daily operations. It is important, however, that these risks stay in line with the predefined risk appetite of the organization.
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate finance primarily covers changes in the ownership of companies, for example following the acquisition or disposal of companies or business units.

    • Our broad experience with valuations allows us to use the most modern techniques to determine the value of a company, validate this versus the current market and establish a relationship between valuation and the expected or desired selling price.
    • Doorsun Consulting Limited is experienced in finding the right parties and bringing deals to a satisfactory conclusion. Furthermore, Doorsun Consulting Limited evaluates and analyses value creation in order to deliver important input to the strategic and financial decision-making of entrepreneurs.
    • HR Consulting Services
    • Taxation Planning 
  • Interim Services

  • Doorsun Consulting Limited offers temporary support and capacity at various levels within an organization.

    Outsourcing Services

    Doorsun Consulting Limited Outsourcing Services offers the possibility to outsource complex processes that are not part of your core business. Our staff has an in-depth knowledge of treasury and risk management, which enables us to manage related processes very well. Besides the advantage of cost reductions, the outsourcing has the added benefit that these processes are executed by specialists. Our provision of specialist staff is flexible, which can help you to be as efficient as possible in meeting your company's needs at busy times, while guaranteeing the continuity of the process. Another benefit of outsourcing is the natural segregation of duties (required by regulations) between back and front office.

  • Transaction services

  • Doorsun Consulting Limited assists its clients in carrying out financial transactions. Examples of this service include: acquisition or disposal of companies or business units, placing shares or debt, arranging (re)financing, or optimizing the capital structure. Our role covers the entire process from initial investigation up until the actual closing of the deal. Financial transactions, generally, are a multi-disciplinary field. The tax, legal, controlling and accounting conditions which organizations are subject to form an important framework. Doorsun Consulting Limited is well-positioned to optimally integrate these various disciplines from a financing perspective. Our clients can be found among corporates, financial institutions and organizations in the public sector.

  • Forensic Accounting
  • Quality forensic accounting is vital as personal injury, professional negligence case or commercial litigation can damage your business. You may suspect fraud or you may just require a valuation of a business or other assets. In all of these situations, our forensic accounting experts can help you achieve a successful outcome.


Whether you’re a sole trader, partnership or a limited company, we provide all the services your business needs at each stage of your life cycle. Our key services include: 

  • Business tax
  • Personal tax
  • Employment tax
  • International tax planning
  • VAT
  • Tax investigation

Accounting Advisory Services

In the current global environment that many companies operate within, there are many challenges for these companies from an accounting perspective as shareholders, regulators and other external stakeholders take a greater interest in how companies report, disclose and communicate their financial results.

With the increased scrutiny on companies financial reporting and disclosure requirements that the standard setters and regulators are requesting from companies, many businesses are often hard pressed to manage these additional requirements.


There are many reasons for valuing a business, including buying or selling a business, selling or transferring shares, setting up an employee share scheme, tax, considering a market listing, breach of contract or a cessation in trading, shareholder disputes, death or divorce.

The valuation of unquoted shares and private businesses presents unique challenges, but we have tried and trusted techniques that will provide you with a true, fair, well-informed and defensible commercial valuation.

Whether you are planning to sell your business, sell some shares, invest in or buy a business, the information in our valuation report will be invaluable.

Our specialist team has a wealth of experience in undertaking valuations and will provide you with the clear commercial opinion you need.

Human resource services

The world of work is changing. In a global economy people are an increasingly valuable source of sustainable competitive advantage. Organisations need to transform to attract, inspire, motivate, manage, develop and reward their people – or face losing their most valuable assets. We help forward-looking businesses do this.

Our HR services include Human resource services, Human resource management, Talent management, Human capital measurement & benchmarking, Reward, Global Pensions, Global employee mobility People & change

Technology Services

We are building a practice to focus on corporate performance management meeting tools and data analytics while working across with the best technology partner.

We offer a wide range of computer services, including:

  • Computer and network consulting services
  • Product purchasing
  • Product installations
  • Product configuration
  • Maintenance
  • Service
  • Upgrades
  • Warranty work